How to Get Land Planning Permission  

Sometimes land planning permissions are required when trying to improve walking and moving access. For example, this could include wanting to add a new footpath to an area or making a change to the speed limit.  

Land can be owned or managed privately, but also by the state government and councils. Below are some links to help find out who owns or is responsible for the land, and how to get permission to make a change.  

  • Land Information Systems Tasmania has the collection of all property owners on the island. To access information about an area of land register on the website here.  

    And here is a document to help guide you through registration and searching for titles. There are costs involved with accessing land title details. Information of costs, as well as the postal address and location of the Lands Titles Office is found on this Service Tasmania page. 

  • You may find that the area you would like to improve is crown land—managed by the state government.  
    The Department of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for beaches, parks and land around roads. This page on the Parks and Wildlife Service site has a development application form and contact details to obtain permission to build a footpath or clear vegetation on crown land. 
    The Department of State Growth manages roads and other areas of crown land.  
    This page has information and an application form for adding footpaths or changing speed limits in crown land managed by this department.  
  • If your proposal is on land owned by a council, it is best to speak with someone from your local council to find out how to get permission. The list of local councils and contact details in lutruwita/Tasmania are found on this page
  • The Aboriginal Heritage Search Register is a place to look to see if there are any cultural consideration to be made in your plan and application.