On this page is advocacy information and resources to improve how easy it is to walk around your town (walkability).

Advocacy usually involves a campaign or actions about an issue that needs changing. Successful advocacy needs to be:

  • Informed by evidence
  • Realistic and targeted
  • Important to the community
  • Coordinated with clear messages

When it comes to walking advocacy, the Communities for Walkability town reports are a good place to start. These provide a walkability audit for each town and recommend local priorities and solutions to improve walking in these towns.

These reports also summarise national and international evidence about the importance of physical activity and walking for health for you to use in your advocacy work.

Here are some other resources to help advocate for better paths, facilities and public spaces and programs to improve walking and moving in your community:

Apply for a Grant

Work With Your Local Government

Learn From Others

Work With the Media

Framing Your Argument

How to Get Land Planning Permission

Watch these videos for advice:

Richard Mount
Community Champion–Snug

Hannah Fielder
Community Champion Nubeena and White Beach and local councillor

Kate Garvey
Acting Director Public Health Priorities and Programs, Public Health Services,
Tasmanian Department of Health

Kim Jose
Senior Research Fellow, Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania