Walkability advocacy (plus resources!)

The data collection phase of the Communities for Walkability project has now been completed! While the last of the town reports are soon to be released, the C4W team have started to create some advocacy resources for communities to use. Whether you have been involved in the project or not, you can use these resources to help advocate for better paths, facilities and programs to improve walking and moving in your community. This includes information on applying for grants, working with local government and the media, tips to frame your argument and some video advice. Have a look at the resources here.

It has also been great to see how communities themselves are advocating for important changes. In Snug, Lower Snug and Coningham, the local community has joined forces to improve walkability in the area. The Coningham and Lower Snug Community Association connected with the local school to survey the community and then created a video summarising the community suggestions. This video is a great way to get other community members on board and to share with decision makers! Check out the video here.